Abit – Siluro T400 TV Out review

mid-range 3D card with dual display feature
Photo of Abit – Siluro T400 TV Out
£80.00 + VAT

At a time when the GeForce 3 graphics chip is dominating the gamers’ news pages, here’s a cheaper, less ostentatious rival – albeit from the same stable.

At the core of this card is Nvidia’s GeForce 2 MX400 chip, the ‘boosted’ version of the standard GeForce 2. This chip runs at a core speed of 200MHz, immediately giving it a performance hike over the GeForce 2 MX200 variant, which runs at 175MHz. The 64MB of memory also helps the performance and in our tests, the card was slap-bang in the middle of the current market pack, in both OpenGL and DirectX benchmarks.

In addition to the usual D-sub VGA output on the card’s back plate, there’s also an S-video port. This means that the card is capable of simultaneously driving a monitor and a TV set, which might be of interest to anyone wanting to work and watch DVD movies at the same time, for example (although you’ll probably need two brains).

This also means that you can play games on your TV if you wish, or record the graphics card’s output onto video. Conveniently, an S-video cable is supplied with the card, as is a convertor cable for driving a composite-input TV, and there’s also a copy of WinDVD, for software DVD playback.

The Siluro T400 TV Out comes with an excellent manual, covering hardware installation and a step-by-step explanation of driver installation, plus other useful items such as a guide to upgrading the card’s BIOS using a flash utility.

Company: Abit

Contact: 01438 228 888

A capable enough card, the Siluro T400 TV Out offers mid-range 3D performance and flexible output options in a reasonably-priced package. This should help Abit expand its current, motherboard-only reputation.