Acclaim – WWF Warzone review

Photo of Acclaim – WWF Warzone

Wrestling. Not really the most British of pastimes, is it? Mention wrestling in this country and an image of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks bouncing off each other’s guts springs to mind. In those old enough to remember, at any rate. But across the pond it’s a different matter, with various ridiculously-named large blokes in silly outfits rebounding off each other with all the grace and fragile beauty of a herd of elephants auditioning for Swan Lake. About time someone developed a game based on it all, really. Ah, here comes one now.

It may look like play-acting, but as Jim Carrey found out recently when he invited one of his co-stars to come and have a go if he thought he was hard enough (and he was, oh yes, he was), these lard-like characters know how to fight. And WWF Warzone lets you do all the dirty work for them. Choose a player – from a stable that includes such over-the-top athletes as Thrasher and Mosh – then grasp your joypad tightly and prepare for action.

That action takes place in the ring. Or more often, out of the ring, since you can throw your opponent right over the ropes if you get the moves right. And no exaggeration; in two-player mode this game is nothing short of hysterical. Take your partner by the hand, swing him round and launch a drop-kick at his jaw. Or trap his head between your powerful thighs and squeeze. If you like.

There is actually a fair amount of skill involved if you want to beat all the computer players, so it’s better to practice on other humans in order to get the moves right. If you can stop laughing for long enough, there are loads of combination throws and holds to be used, but our particular favourites have to be those involving the objects that are sometimes thrown into the ring. Some of them are quite hard to identify, but one of them is definitely a television set. And you can pick it up…

Company: Acclaim

Forget your copy of Tekken 3 for a moment and give WWF Warzone a try. It's a different kind of fighting game, because it's belly-achingly funny. Special moves are all well and good, but until you've smashed a television set over your opponent's head, you haven't truly lived.