Acer Veriton Z411G review

Powerful upright all-in-one desktop PC
Photo of Acer Veriton Z411G
£560 exc. VAT

If you run a business from a small office where space is at a premium, you need a PC that packs a fair amount of power, is good for presentations and will react to the pace of a lively and creative mind. Step into the spotlight the Acer Veriton Z411G multi-touch all-in-one PC.

Dispensing with the traditional tower, the Veriton Z411G packs all the elements of a desktop behind its screen, in a unit that measures just 549x299x129mm (wdh), enabling it to be pushed right back against the wall, leaving plenty of room for the supplied USB-attached keyboard and mouse.

Full HD and multi-touch
Styled in macho black and silver, and weighing in an a chunk 4kg, the Veriton’s front is dominated by a 21.5in 16:9 widescreen TFT monitor with a Full HD native resolution of 1920×1080, so you won’t have any problems watching DVDs, video downloads or playing computer games in all their glory. It seems a bit of a waste, though, that it’s surrounded by an unusually thick bezel and the surface of the screen is highly reflective.

However, it’s also a highly responsive multi-touch screen, enabling you to move windows around and rotate pictures with your fingertips. If you don’t want to use the supplied keyboard, there’s an on-screen one that zips out from the side.

Around the back of the machine you’ll find no fewer than eight USB ports (but no HDMI) plus one eSATA, a PCI Express slot and a multiple memory card reader that covers all the popular types. The remaining features include a DVD rewriter and Ethernet for wired network connection. Wi-Fi is also built-in.

What’s inside?
When you look under the bonnet of the Veriton Z411G you’ll discover an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 processor clocked at 2.93GHz with 3GB RAM, allied to a decent enough (but not overly generous) 640GB hard drive. Using the onboard Intel G45 graphics card, we found action movies rich in colour and without a hint of stutter or ghosting – and although first-person shooters such as Medal of Honor lacked the detail you’d expect from higher-spec machines, there was similarly no let-up in the intensity of the combat.

As the Veriton Z411G is principally designed to be a business machine, the chances are you won’t be too worried about the whether future releases such as Modern Warfare 3 perform with all the bells and whistles on. Suffice it to say that you won’t have any problems running multiple applications simultaneously with music gently crooning in the background… It’s worth shopping around online for this too, as we’ve seen considerable price variance from £518 exc. VAT to nearly £800.

Company: Acer

Contact: 0870 900 2237

  • Solid build and user-friendly touchscreen.
  • Very reflective screen and no HDMI connection.


The Acer Veriton Z411G is a space-saving, efficient and punchy all-in-one upright PC with a highly responsive multi-touch screen, a stack of useful inputs and the power to deal with multiple business applications.