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Creating CDs is not a particularly simple business. If CD-R and CD-RW drives were as easy to use as a standard floppy drive, then we’d all have one. As it is, there are all sorts of standards and techniques that have to be taken into account when burning a CD, most of which are fully understood by only a few people. But packages such as Easy CD Creator have helped to make the task less painful in the past, and this newest version of the software goes a long way towards making CD creation (gasp!) easy.

The ‘Easy CD Creator’ part of the title is the core of the package; an easy to use application for creating audio or data CDs from whichever files you choose. It looks similar to the Windows 95 Explorer, so dragging and dropping to create a new CD layout is possible, as is the ability to choose the write speed and target, and a whole host of other options including a built-in jewel-case insert designer. If all you need to do is create CDs containing business or personal information, then you probably won’t need anything more than this.

The ‘Deluxe’ bit refers to the additional features and applications that are included as part of the package. One of these is the Session Selector, which can temporarily activate older sessions (i.e. previously-recorded information) on a CD-R or CD-RW disk, so that the data older can be accessed. For those users who need to (ahem) make backup copies of their audio CDs or CDROMs just in case they should get damaged, there’s the CD Copier program. It does just what you would expect – place a CD of virtually any type in the drive and it will copy it – and will probably be just as popular as the first tape-to-tape home stereos were.

On the subject of music, there’s another clever tool included as part of the Deluxe Edition package. The CD Spin Doctor lets you transfer your old vinyl records and audio tapes onto CD. All you have to do is plug your stereo into the line-in port of your PC’s sound card and the software does the rest. It even has filters to remove hisses, pops and whistles from the original recording, allegedly making the resultant sound that much clearer. With other little utilities, such as the VideoCD and picture CD creators, included as part of this package, Easy CD Creator Deluxe Edition v3.5 contains just about all you need to create and duplicate CDs.

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Some of the features in this suite of programs will be very useful, such as the CD Copier and the ability to 'digitally re-master' old audio recordings. Others are not quite so relevant, but even so there's enough here to ensure that CD-R and CD-RW drives become more popular among consumers and business users alike. Listen... I can almost hear the sound of breaking copyrights.