Alien Breed Trilogy by Mastertronic review

Three bouts of alien blasting for the price of one...
Photo of Alien Breed Trilogy by Mastertronic

The glory years for the Alien Breed saga came during the heyday of the Commodore Amiga. And for isometric, Gauntlet-inspired alien blasting, it was hard to beat the Alien Breed: Director’s Cut of the early 90s. But this was never a classic franchise, often misjudging its difficulty balance. Thus, Alien Breed games tend to be very good choices, but rarely classics.

Bundle of fun
This trilogy consists of three previously download-only games that have been bundled together, all of which follow a very similar formula. They’ve viewed-from-above shooters, where you move through dimly-lit corridors, utilise different weapons and blast seven shades out of as many monsters as possible.

The beauty of Alien Breed Trilogy in many ways is just how so simple it is. There’s no abundance of controls to keep track of. Instead, you need to fire, and you need to move. And, when everything is at its best, you need to enjoy yourself.

Back in time
It’s quite old-fashioned fun, really – although the visuals betray just how youthful a game this is. However, what lets things down is how routine if becomes. There’s not, ultimately, that much variety in what you’re asked to do. And while there are some lovely, frantic moments to enjoy, it does all become something of a trek. The pared-down simplicity of the game only serves it so well, before you inevitably yearn for something slightly more complex.

Still, no questions over value, here. The bundling together of three titles for under £20, with plenty of dip-in-and-out-of value, really has something going for it. And unless you’re utterly alien to 2D monster blasting, you’re bound to get something out of it.

Company: Mastertronic

  • The value of it, offering plenty to enjoy for your cash.
  • The lack of variety means many won't bother to see the end.


Solid blasting action, without adding much radical to the formula.