Android app round-up: Angry Birds, Kindle for Android, Evernote, London Tube Live, Seesmic, SBSH Safe Wallet review

latest round-up of Android smartphone apps
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This month we’ve been pursuing a rather eclectic range of activities with our Android smartphone. Gaming has featured heavily thanks to one addictive app, but we’ve also been reading books, making notes, travelling, taking security seriously and, of course, keeping in touch with our nearest and dearest on Twitter.

One of the most talked about Android apps we’ve ever come across is Angry Birds. It is a game, and like some of the best it has a very simple scenario. You use a catapult to launch the angry birds of the title at pigs who have stolen their eggs. The pigs are protected by structures, and you often need to partly demolish these to get at the pigs. There are various types of birds with different powers. Angry Birds is free, though there are several paid-for ancillary apps.

When you’ve finished blasting the pigs and need to relax, what better way than a bit of reading? If you’ve got a Kindle reader then the chances are you’ll really like the free Android Kindle app. It synchronises any ebooks you’ve got on the Kindle so you can carry on reading on your phone when you are out and about. And, even better, it synchronises to your furthest reading spot so that on Kindle or Android phone you can pick up where you left off.

When you discover new books you’d like to buy, or need to make a note of anything, anywhere, at anytime, Evernote could be useful to have on hand. It is a popular note taking application that you can use to jot down almost anything. It has a web based client and also separate clients for Android as well as other popular phone platforms. Whether you make a note on your phone or the Evernote web site, it’ll be synchronised and so available on all the platforms you use. There is a basic free service, or you can pay for more sophistication.

We have to apologise for being London-centric on this one, but the free London Tube Live has been a favourite Android app for us for a long time. The idea is simple. If you intend to travel on the Underground, a quick check with this software will give you live status on how well the London Underground lines are running… or not. You can even get live departure info for any station. There is no tube map though: you’ll have to look to one of the many other Underground maps for that.

Twitter is something many people are into, and being able to tweet from your phone is a must if you are a fan. There are several good Twitter apps for Android, and currently we favour Seesmic. It’s got great thumbnail images within the main page and it is easy to tweet, retweet and reply to messages. And it is free.

And finally this month, a little lecture on data security. If you like to keep lots of personal data on your phone so it is handy, then at least password protect it! SBSH SafeWallet provides password protected access to personal data. It synchronises with other apps on the desktop or other mobiles, so you only have to enter your important information once. SafeWallet costs $3.95.

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