Appsmaker DataRescuePro review

Software for recovering deleted files
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Ever accidentally deleted a file? DataRescuePro can help. This easy-to-use app takes the complex task of data recovery and wraps it up in a few consumer-friendly steps.

From hard disks to memory cards
Designed to work on any type of disk that’s been formatted using either the NTFS or FAT filing systems – including the memory cards from digital cameras – DataRescuePro recognises any drives currently attached to your PC, and lets you scan them for recently deleted files. Alternatively, you can search specific folders and specify things like file size, creation date and so on.
Once found, you can display the results in several ways that allow you to sort by file type, size, date modified or by using the simple star rating system that DataRescuePro assigns to files it thinks it can recover – two and three stars means there’s an excellent chance, one star is not so good, while no stars less hopeful still.

Getting your files back
In tests, we were able to recover all manner of files that had been deleted and then removed from the Recycle Bin, from photos to text files, Word documents and AVI videos.
In each case, our chances of success improved if we were able to stop using right away the disk on which the deleted files were stored. This is key: if you delete a file from disk A, then continue working with that disk (even if you don’t save anything to it – though that’s obviously even worse), you reduce the chances that DataRescuePro can recover the file.
To save you having to use your hard disk to install the software itself, you can run the program direct from the original CD and recover your lost files like that. It’s a great product to have in your toolbox.

Company: Appsmaker

Contact: +49 (040) 769 72 77 3

  • Ease of use - anyone can recover a deleted file; effectiveness - worked every time
  • Displays results in columns that are too narrow so you can't read what's in them without re-sizing


In our tests, DataRescuePro recovered everything we threw at it - pictures, text files, Word documents and videos - from standard hard disk drives, digital camera memory cards and USB keys, making it easy to recommend if you're the type who's prone to the occasional slip of the mouse or who sometimes clicks 'Yes' when they mean 'No'. Recommended.