Atempo improves digital archiving solution review

Photo of Atempo improves digital archiving solution

Atempo, has announced the availability of Atempo Digital Archive 2.0, with new features to appeal to companies struggling with the storage requirements of long term data retention and regulatory compliance.

Atempo Digital Archive is a hierarchical storage management product designed to migrate rarely-used data from expensive online storage to cheaper offline disk and tape media.

As with other such products, the process is managed using centrally administered archiving policies. In addition, however, the Atempo software also enables end users to manually drag and drop files into pre-defined archives, plus create their own archiving policies to match specific project needs.

Among other enhancements, the new release adds three important new features, starting with a file de-duplication capability to ensure that files are not replicated in archive media. The second new feature is support for full content indexing with search facilities across all file types and all archive media.

The third addition takes the form of the Atempo Meter Utility, an integrated tool to examine the storage environment and identify data suitable for archiving.

Atempo Digital Archive 2.0 is a cross-platform solution available for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX environments and is available immediately.