Avanquest Audials One 8 review

Get lots of music, without spending that much to get it
Photo of Avanquest Audials One 8

The job of Audials One? To save you money. Rather than having you spend your spare cash in the iTunes store, or on Amazon MP3, what Audials One wants you to do is download your music from Internet radio stations instead. Thus, once you’ve paid out the £40 for the software, you need never spend on music again.

When you install the software, you can choose for it to be written to your hard drive, or to a USB stick. Pick the latter, and your installation is portable. Choose the former, and it’s a little more straightforward. Either way, it takes a surprising amount of time to install.

What Audials One can then do is find your media, download it, convert it, and play it back. It also claims that it can legally remove DRM, although we don’t want to be the ones to test that in court.

Ease of use
Audials is fairly simple to use, and can go as deep as you want it to, really. If you want to get some music going, you can just choose a genre and elect for Audials One to start recording. Alternatively, you can explore to find your Internet radio stations of choice, exclude certain stations, and schedule recordings.

Recordings can be output in various formats, although you’ll need the LAME encoder on your machine if you’re looking for MP3 output. But the software can cut out jingles, snip out bits that get in the way of the music, and generally trim it to present you with workable files.

Company: Avanquest

Website: http://www.avanquest.com/uk

  • If you spend some time with it, you can get a lot of free media.
  • It's a bit fiddly, and not always good at hand-holding.


Overall, the software does its job well. It does have foibles, not least the fact that it isn't particularly helpful when things go wrong. But then it lets you capture streaming material from the likes of YouTube, or even the media that's being displayed on your screen. It has plenty of little to tricks like that hidden within its menus. And while it takes time to get the most out of the program, if you're willing to commit to it, you should get good value out of it.

There are enough tools and features here to give the program the power it needs to make good on its claims. And it can indeed get you free music.