Avanquest – Ideal Home 3D Home Design 12 review

virtually redecorate or remodel your home
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What would your ideal home have in it? Ours would be equipped with built-in fridges in every room (for easy beverage access), self-vacuuming carpets and a quiet dishwashing machine (she does tend to go on a bit *). Whatever your dream place, using 3D Home Design you can envisage what it might look like if you changed that magnolia paint job, perhaps for – careful now – a colour of some description.

Of course you can go much further than merely redecorating the walls. Avanquest’s home design program lets you see what two rooms knocked together might look like, or how a massive bay window would add to the appeal of your lounge. It’s also possible to experiment with furnishings and fixtures, using over a thousand rendered objects including fridges, coffee tables, sofas and so forth.

When the program’s run for the first time, the initial wizard takes you through five steps to quickly construct a working model of your home. Choices such as the basic shape, ceiling height and roof type have to be made, and you can then edit this rough model to add more details or adjust any mistakes.

Placing doors and windows is as simple as browsing through a sub-menu of different styles, clicking on one and then moving the cursor over the floorplan. The program then adjusts the walls to accommodate the new feature.

It’s a similar story when putting objects down – they’re automatically oriented towards whichever wall or corner you’re hovering the cursor near. Unfortunately, furniture can only be placed at ninety degree angles. So, for example, it’s not possible to angle a chair in the corner of a room.

When a wall is clicked on, handles appear that can be pulled to stretch it, just as if working with an image in a paint package. The whole process of designing your home is really quite straightforward, and we can’t fault the interface aside from one small point: those adjustable handles can be a touch fiddly to use, especially when the view is zoomed out from the floorplan.

The 2D overview can be swapped for a 3D camera at the click of a button. This gives you a fairly neat looking view inside your house, with the ability to walk or fly around it. Objects can be positioned in the 3D view as well, giving a better sense of how something might fit than is conveyed on the 2D plan.

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3D Home Design doesn't come loaded down with features, but it's largely easy to use and provides you with the ability to make serviceable mock-ups of potential plans for your house. And it's keenly priced at ten pounds.