Battle: Los Angeles by Konami review

Dire first-person shooter movie spin-off
Photo of Battle: Los Angeles by Konami

For some unearthly reason, Hollywood never seems to learn the lesson that rushing out a video game based on a (hopefully) hit movie nearly always results in a dire game. Battle: Los Angeles was a big budget alien invasion movie that was a half-decent clone of Independence Day, but nothing special. And the game? Well, the less said, the better…

Konami’s movie spin-off is a first-person shooter in the tradition of Call of Duty that should have been at least engaging, bearing in mind the subject matter. Instead, the first thing we see is a slide show followed by an animated news bulletin that makes Family Guy look sophisticated.

Déjà vu – over and over
And once you’re into the game proper, you follow the rest of your squad around various (mostly drab-looking) L.A. street locations, having identikit fire-fights with the same aliens. Usually you hide briefly behind vehicles to restore health, then pop out and shoot E.T.s who stand in the open until you kill them. Periodically, more laughable animated cut scenes appear to move the story on… before resuming more of the same.

Four weapons are available – an assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher (for taking out the odd enemy spaceship) and grenades. On occasion, you can also man a mounted machinegun. And that really is it – for an average playtime of 45 minutes. Is it any wonder that it cost around £7 to download from Playstation Network (before that went down) or 800 Microsoft points on Xbox Live Arcade – and was scrapped as a downloadable game on PC from Steam?

Company: Konami

  • It only last 45 minutes.
  • Tediously repetitive combat.


Battle: Los Angeles is a classic example of why movies don't necessarily make for good video game spin-offs - the graphics are dire, the combat is insultingly simple and repetitive, and there isn't even a multiplayer option.