BBC Worldwide – Fast Show Comedy Pack review

suits you... possibly
Photo of BBC Worldwide – Fast Show Comedy Pack

“Ain’t CD-ROMs brilliant!?”, I guess, should be the quote on the front of the box of this multimedia package celebrating one of the biggest modern hit comedy shows the BBC has had. And from the moment you boot up the program, and the intro screen shows Jesse, the fashionable yokel, proclaiming his love for Dolce Gabanna, you know you’re in for an hilarious rollercoaster ride of non-stop laughter.

The more perceptive amongst you will have noticed strains of sarcasm starting to seep out between the lines. Yes, I’m afraid the Fast Show CD doesn’t entirely manage to capture the atmosphere of the show.

There are three main facets to this multimedia performance – clips from the show (naturally), games, and Windows customisation. Let’s start with the clips – they are of a reasonable quality, but in a smallish window, and they run too jerkily by half on a well-specced Pentium II. Of course they are funny – this is the Fast Show after all – but there aren’t that many of them either.

And so we move on to the games – there are three of these. The “Suit You” game challenges your memory, whilst all the time you are berated by Ken and Kenneth; suits you sir. “Scorchio” is a mock quiz game, with questions based on the series, and is actually quite amusing and fun – for a while at least.

Finally, the Cheezy Peas game is basically Galaxians with fast food instead of spaceships. Obviously these are not gems you will be coming back to again and again, although they are a laugh for a bit.

Should you wish to have your PC utter famous catchphrases when you boot Windows up, and have some rather spiffy Fast Show wallpaper for your Windows environment, the CD-ROM allows you to implement these with the minimum of fuss without having to mess with Windows menus.

And that’s about the lot. It is a very easy to use CD – all credit to the producers there – but it’s not going to keep you occupied for all that long, the content being a little thin on the ground.

Company: BBC Worldwide

Contact: 020 8576 2945

Fans of the show will no doubt find this CD entertaining, but only briefly. It's a shame there aren't more (and better quality) video clips and games in here. It's not really worth the asking price as it is.