BenQ – G2400W review

roomy 24-inch widescreen display
Photo of BenQ – G2400W

BenQ has proven itself to be pretty adept in the LCD monitor market in the past, having released a fair few capable models at the larger end of the scale. The G2400W is one such product, featuring a 24-inch widescreen display capable of resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels.

It’s a particularly good looking screen, due largely to its extremely slim and light build and no-nonsense matt-black casing. You’ll find a tilt mode but no swivel, height adjustment nor ability to spin the screen to portrait mode.

In terms of connectivity it’s well featured, offering D-Sub (VGA), Digital and HDMI inputs, so will work with whatever connections you have on your graphics card. Using the HDMI input you can view high definition resolutions up to 1080p, making it ideal for use as a secondary television.

When firing it up with Windows for the first time we were a little let down by the almost washed-out effect of the colours on screen. You can adjust the monitor for different environments using BenQ’s Senseye technology, which is essentially a handful of presets for movies, photos and standard operation along with a ‘dynamic’ mode which allegedly makes adjustments for you.

After fiddling with these and the manual brightness, contrast and colour settings for a while we had trouble rectifying the problem, and the dynamic mode doesn’t seem to have a lot of impact over proceedings.

A contrast ratio of 1,000:1 isn’t exactly groundbreaking these days, even in the case of a computer-oriented screen, and when so many users are now watching video content through their PC it’s not really an area that can be skimped on. When testing video we noticed that blacks weren’t particularly deep or solid, though this was far more noticeable in darker scenes and shouldn’t put off less discerning users.

The rather washed-out effect seen during normal operation did rear its head again here, though, affecting the vibrancy of the colours to a degree, but we were fairly impressed by the overall sharpness of the image and, with a 5ms response time, it was rarely subject to blurring or ghosting. Enabling the ‘movie’ mode does address the picture issues somewhat, but if anything goes too far towards redressing the balance by over-saturating brighter colours and affecting the natural feel of the image.

It sounds like we’ve been quite critical of the G2400W, and it’s true that we’ve seen more accurate, vibrant and engrossing images on other screens in the past. BenQ’s offering does have its merits, though, being stylish, well built and easy to use. If you’re not particularly bothered about flawless performance on the video front, you’ll find it capable and good value for money at the price.

Company: BenQ

Contact: 0870 850 4417

We've seen better screens when it comes to colour reproduction and video playback, but most are quite a bit more expensive. If you're in the market for a decent all-rounder at a good price and aren't overly bothered about the issues highlighted above, you'll find the G2400W to be a good choice.