BenQ – V2410T review

24-inch LED-backlit screen
Photo of BenQ – V2410T

BenQ’s extensive range of LCD displays has recently been expanded with the addition of the V2410T, a large, 24-inch general-use screen with a number of useful benefits.

Chief among these is the presence of a flexible stand that allows for height, swivel and tilt adjustment, as well as the ability to orient it in portrait mode. Typically these sorts of designs can be quite awkward to adjust, but BenQ has done a great job here and the heavy-set flat base keeps the screen stable at all times.

The design could be seen by some as being overly bland, and it’s true that the simple, rounded, matt-black bezel, totally devoid of any distinguishing features, is unlikely to win any design awards. A limited array of inputs that include only D-sub and DVI-D suggests that BenQ is unapologetic about the rather ‘basic’ nature of the 2410T, instead focusing on straightforward operation and value for money as its main appeal.

With this in mind it’s no surprise to see a rather standard set of specifications that boasts 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution (16:9 aspect ratio), a 5ms response time and 1,000:1 (5,000,000:1 dynamic) contrast ratio. Being an LED-backlit model the 2410T also benefits from a slim design and some impressive energy savings, consuming 28W during normal use, which drops to 22W with the effective eco-mode enabled.

This and the other settings are accessible via the on-screen display, which is almost impossible to find by sight since it’s extremely difficult to see where the controls are along the right-hand size of the bezel, These must instead be accessed by touch, though raised bumps on each button do make them easy to locate and the menu is designed well enough to make adjustments relatively painless.

BenQ offers a typical set of controls here that include a number of picture modes and preset colour formats, and the helpful Senseye Demo can show a preview of the mode effect for gaming, movies and photos. In terms of overall performance the V2410T is best described as ‘capable’. Though we saw no bleed from the edges of the LCD, we did have some contrast issues with darker scenes in video clips, with significant detail being lost. Colour banding across gradients was also a problem, and colour accuracy in general wasn’t what we’d have liked.

Many of these issues can be improved by tweaking the default settings, and those with a sharp eye for an accurate image will find the presets less helpful than usual in establishing optimum levels. Having said that, performance is still perfectly adequate for general use and in most cases we’d expect those less fussy about pure quality in this area to be perfectly happy with the V2410T’s abilities.

Part of the reason for this is that the screen is very keenly priced, which is particularly impressive considering the range of adjustments available and the solid, hard-wearing design. At £185 before the inevitable online discounts it represents excellent value for money.

Company: BenQ

Those who would prioritise the benefits highlighted above over the rather average performance and specifications will find the V2410T to be an impressive all-rounder and an effective large-sized display for general use. Though it's inherently a rather basic display, the low price is a significant enough factor to make it worthy of consideration.