Best!Ware – MYOB 7.5 review

mind your own business! no, that's its name...
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One of the most daunting aspects of starting a new business is sorting out the accounts. Neither the tax man nor the VAT inspectors are known for their leniency, so all transactions must be painstakingly recorded. Since most businesses are started by normal human beings, rather than accountants, this can often cause problems. Accounting usually has a logical structure, but it’s not always easy to grasp.

There are several accountancy software packages available for the PC, but none can claim to be as user-friendly as MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) version 7.5. Right from the start, this program holds your hand and guides you through the accounting minefield. Once you’ve entered the data for your new business (nothing more complex than the VAT registration number), you can then select from a list of ‘pre-formed’ company types, choosing the one that is most similar to your own. From then, it’s just a case of entering the financial data in the right place.

That in itself can be a challenging task in accountancy, but MYOB 7.5 guides the user in the right direction, by means of Command Centres such as Cheque Book, Nominal Ledger, Stock Control, Sales, Purchases and so on. Each of these is divided graphically into sub-sections, making it easy to see what operation should be performed next, and where. MYOB can also handle other aspects of your business, since it has a built in address book with links provided to mainstream office applications such as Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. This makes it easy to create mail-merge letters, and you can also export data – from one of the many reports that MYOB can generate – to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

Other handy functions built into this program include the ability to export reports in HTML format, options for printing some types of office stationery, ‘to do’ lists and reminders, plus the comprehensive help features that include cue cards and a tutorial. If you can’t get to grips with accounting using this package, the chances are you never will.

Company: Best!Ware

Contact: 01752 201901

MYOB 7.5 offers the novice accountant an easy way to handle the finances of a small company. The only potential downsides to this package are its price, which is quite a bit more than some competing titles, and the fact that your company may eventually outgrow its abilities. But by then, you'll probably have had your money's worth.