BlackBerry Bold 9790 smartphone preview

Photo of BlackBerry Bold 9790 smartphone preview

After a short break in their release cycle, Research In Motion has now brought us the BlackBerry Bold 9790 – which was first announced back in November, 2011. This phone was unveiled along with the first full touch screen Curve 9380. This was made available, soon after launch.

In many ways, this handset only lags just slightly behind the Bold 9900 in terms of features and finer details, and so it remains near the top of the BlackBerry range. On paper, there’s a marginally slower 1GHz processor that proves to be sharp enough, when putting the handset through its paces. A plastic screen has also been used, which invariably will attract some hideous scratches.

Immediately, you can see that the keypad has evolved throughout the ages, and now extends its way across the entire width of the phone. This spacious new keypad introduces raised, sculptured buttons, making it easier to feel your way around. The buttons themselves however, are incredibly small and seem to welcome dainty little fingers, which unfortunately we do not possess.

The main body of the device has been stripped down to reveal a slim physique, but with smaller dimensions and less weight – all of which is a fair reflection of modern demand. The 9790 also retains its charismatic business style, with a gun-metal back cover and chrome finish along its perimeter. The Bold does lack the consummate finish of the more expensive 9900, where it feels noticeably cheaper in the hand. This is until you pick it up, as the back of the phone looks as smart and sophisticated as ever, whilst being festooned with a silver BlackBerry emblem just to emphasise its family heritage.

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