Bolidesoft – All My Movies review

DVD film cataloguing software
Photo of Bolidesoft – All My Movies
$30 (about £22 )

Cataloguing your DVD collection with the aid of All My Movies isn’t a fast process. It’s quite feasible that if you have a collection of, say, 200 movies, there’s a few hours’ work required to get them into the program’s database.

And let’s face it, a program that keeps an up-to-date list with supplementary details of a person’s film collection is likely to be aimed at a collector who has an exhaustive supply, rather than someone who wants to tap the names of five DVDs into a spreadsheet.

Yet the end result is really rather impressive, and to some people will justify the effort involved in getting that far. For if all goes to plan (which it usually does), you end up with a detailed database of your film collection that you can share, store, search, export and customise to your heart’s content.

The problem with it, though, isn’t where you might think. You can add a DVD to the program’s database simply by entering its barcode number, or even just its title. Then All My Movies will query a few external Web sources (such as Amazon and the Internet Movie Database, although it’s quite a long list) to bring in cast and crew details, a synopsis and an image of the box art. So there’s no need to type in lots of details, and no having to scan in any pictures.

The trouble is that this isn’t as fast a process as we’d like, taking around 30 seconds per entry. Multiply that by each title, and you begin to appreciate the problem. Sadly, the program also insists on getting details one at a time, rather than allowing you to enter in a big list of film names and then head off to watch one of them while the computer fills in the details.

If you can tolerate that though, you’re in business. The database you create is fully customisable, can keep track of who you’ve lent films to, and can be exported easily to the likes of Excel or HTML. Likewise, you can also easily import a list from CSV or Excel, and the program will also run through your hard drive if you’d like to see what it can find there. We’ll let you decide if that’s a good idea!

For the equivalent of £22 – it’s a program you buy and download over the ‘net – it’s an efficient tool that has plenty of frills. It’s not without issues, and it won’t be lost on the avid movie collector that for the outlay they could easily procure a few more movies. But as a specific tool for a specific job, All My Movies is at least worth a trial download.

Company: Bolidesoft

A useful and comprehensive tool, with one significant annoyance; the time taken to download film details. Still, it's not a bad choice for the passionate movie fan.