Brink by Bethesda review

sci-fi shooter with a strong emphasis on teamwork
Photo of Brink by Bethesda

The future isn’t bright, no matter what a certain mobile operator claims. According to first-person shooter Brink – and a number of other apocalyptic sci-fi visions, from Kevin Costner turkey Waterworld to that 2012 film – the future’s wet. Bethesda’s FPS is set against a backdrop of global warming, rising waters and the Ark, a floating city in which the last remnants of humanity survive.

Revolution on the Ark
Brink is a team-based FPS. You can play on the side of the Ark’s government, or as the rebels who are convinced life should be sought elsewhere, outside the city. Two campaigns – one for each faction – can be played online with other gamers, or offline with CPU-controlled bots. The bots are somewhat flawed, mind, with the occasional nasty freak-out where a chap carrying a mission critical data-key just freezes up, stands still and loses you the game.

Each mission offers multiple stages of objectives and layers of optional objectives on both sides, with a neat storyline tying up the two campaigns, each of which is eight scenarios in length. The various objectives can only be completed by certain classes – for example, if a safe needs to be cracked, only an engineer can break in using his blowtorch.

A canny combination of diverse class abilities and structured objectives (with time limits) makes for some compelling play. There’s a distinct emphasis on teamwork, sticking together and buffing each other with upgrades, health and defensive measures. Not necessarily the best marksmen, but the smartest co-operating team, will win through.

Smooth moves
A seamless and slick interface makes selecting and locating objectives child’s play. What’s more, the developer has introduced a smart obstacle-tackling movement system to help you get there. By simply holding down the space bar, you’ll climb obstructions automatically. Everything has been designed with ease of use in mind, yet there’s considerable depth to the missions and team-play.

It’s true that Brink suffers from a fairly limited amount of content, although 16 scenarios should keep you going for a while. They are very replayable, and there are also extra challenge modes that must be completed to unlock chunky new weapons.

Company: Bethesda

  • Interesting multiple objective missions; enjoyable emphasis on thoughtful team-play.
  • Not a massive amount of content here; those who aren't fond of teamwork will probably hate it.


Brink is a refreshing blast of team-play with a nifty interface, along with well thought out missions and character classes. The number of scenarios is somewhat limited, but there are extra challenges to keep you going, granting access to new weapons and kit. Also, more downloadable content is on the way - the first batch of which may already have arrived by the time you read this.