C & C Graphics – Invisible Mouse Mat review

no, it's not an April Fool joke
Photo of C & C Graphics – Invisible Mouse Mat
£4.99 for Ovals or Rectangles, £5.99 for X Long and X Large

Permission to get all the cheap gags out the way in the first paragraph? Ah, splendid. We can’t see the point of an invisible mouse mat, it’s a transparent concept, it’s clear what its problems are, we’ve seen right through this one… Pick your favourite, and we’ll move swiftly on.

The invisible mouse mat, then. Or more to the point, the reasonably thick piece of adhesive transparent film, available in rectangle or oval shape, that you apply to your desk for your little rodent to run over. Get this – it works. If the simple idea behind any mouse mat is to make your mouse work without interruption, then the invisible (or, to be more accurate, reasonably visible) mouse mat hits the mark.

We tested our optical and ball-equipped rodents on a plain desk, on our crusted South Park mouse mat, on a spanking new mouse mat that arrived with some promotional gubbins through the post and on the ‘invisible’ one. The desk did badly, the rest did fine.

One note of caution. As with sticking wallpaper to your wall (and did you ever expect to see a parallel like that on an IT reviews site?), you have to be careful not to let air bubbles get trapped underneath, although if you do, you can just lift it up, get rid of them and lay it down again. That aside, this is really quite good, sadly rendering most of our risible gags in the first paragraph entirely useless.


Company: C & C Graphics

Contact: 020 8293 4990

Er, it works. It's cheap. Can I go home now, please?