Canon enhances PowerShot A-series review

Photo of Canon enhances PowerShot A-series

Canon has some surprises up its sleeve with a trio of new A-series PowerShot digital cameras due to be released during March.

The PowerShot A590 IS, the PowerShot A580 and the PowerShot A470 will incorporate several new features that will appeal to a wide range of photographers from the holiday snapper to the serious semi-pro.

For the first time, Motion Detection Technology is included, so whether you want to capture the kids racing round the beach or an action shot of Lewis Hamilton hurtling round the Silverstone circuit, you now have a handy weapon against camera shake and blur.

The other major addition is Face Select & Track which is ideal for taking photos in crowded situations. You can now lock on to a targeted face and the technology continually updates the settings for the best results. If that wasn’t enough, the auto-focus has also been upgraded on all three cameras to ensure greatly enhanced results in low light situations.

The PowerShot A470 comes with 7.1-megapixels, a 3.4x optical zoom and a range of four colours (Silver, Blue, Red, Green) and at £109 inc. VAT it should be an ideal first digital camera.

The PowerShot A580 boasts 8.0-megapixels and a 4x optical zoom, has an Easy mode that even a donkey can operate (possibly) and will set you back £139 inc. VAT, while the top of the trio, the 8.0-megapixel PowerShot A590 IS (£159 inc. VAT) has more for the adventurous photographer including full manual control, optical Image Stabilizer and a range of optional lens accessories.