Canon – iP6220D review

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Photo of Canon – iP6220D

The Canon iP6220D is a twin cartridge inkjet printer that offers an enormous number of ways to print your photos. You can use the USB 2.0 port to connect the printer to your Windows PC or OS X Mac, or you can use the PictBridge USB port to directly connect your camera to the printer.

Under a flap on the front of the iP6220D, meanwhile, there’s a card reader that supports Memory Stick, SD, Smart and CF formats, and you can use the Infra Red receiver to print photos from your phone or PDA. As a final option you can spend £54 on the optional BU-20 USB Bluetooth adapter which should give a more reliable connection to your phone or PDA than you’ll manage over Infra Red.

Despite this huge array of options for connection, Canon doesn’t include a USB cable in the box. This is standard practice in the printer industry and it’s damned annoying.

Print speed is very acceptable, taking 2 minutes and 45 seconds to print an A4 borderless photo and one minute 13 seconds to print a 6 x 4-inch borderless photo. The print quality met the usual high standard that we expect from Canon.

If you’re printing photos from your PC then you’ll find the standard Canon software package of Easy-PhotoPrint, Easy-Print ToolBox and Easy-WebPrint will handle the majority of jobs with the minimum of fuss and bother, but the software is of little help if you’re printing photos directly, which is where the colour LCD display comes into play. The screen measures 50 x 37mm (2.5 inches on the diagonal) and is large enough to display the four icons that you navigate using the control pad. It shows your photos in sufficient detail to allow you to make use of the Search and Trimming functions.

The two cartridges each contain three inks to give a total of six colours. As standard you get a CL-41 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow colour cartridge which is rated at 155 pages and costs £15, but when it’s time for a replacement you can buy a CL-51 cartridge which costs £20 and is rated at 330 pages. The other cartridge is a number CL-52 photo cartridge with light Cyan/light Magenta/Black that costs £17 and is rated at 710 pages. Common sense says that in time you’ll be throwing away a photo cartridge that is still virtually full if you print many black text documents.

Company: Canon

Contact: 0870 514 3723

As photo printers go the iP6220D is relatively cheap yet it has a long list of connections and interfaces and print quality is very good. The build quality is a bit flimsy and the front cover and card reader flaps can smack into each other if you're not careful, but when you consider the features, speed and price that's a minor problem.