Can’t find an HP TouchPad? Get the three best budget tablet bargains here review

Beat the price crash with these iPad 2 rivals
Photo of Can’t find an HP TouchPad? Get the three best budget tablet bargains here

The price crash on the HP TouchPad causing stampedes to buy the WebOS-powered device at online retailers, many eager buyers are likely to be sent away empty-handed, having failed to secure the £89 16GB or £119 32GB models. But fear not – IT Reviews can point your in the direction of three iPad 2 rivals that could offer better value for many than HP’s discontinued tablet – which we review here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Not quite a match for the iPad when it launched, Samsung’s first-generation tablet has since been slashed in price, bringing it down to well under £200 in some places on the web. Sturdy, well built the Galaxy Tab’s 7in screen size makes it – to our minds – a much handier beast than the 9.7in HP TouchPad. Read the full review here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

BeBook Live
Without much in the way of apps to its name, the appeal of the HP TouchPad is actually pretty limited – buy yourself an Android device, on the other hand, and there’s a whole world of useful software to be had at Google’s Android Market. BeBook’s Live device is primarily sold as an e-book reader, but it’s actually a fully functional Android tablet for just £200 – a much better investment in the long term than the TouchPad is likely to be. Read the full review here.

BeBook Live

Eee Pad Transformer
When is a tablet not a tablet? When you can clip on a keyboard and turn it instantly into a laptop computer.  The Asus Eee Pad Transformer gives you the best of both worlds, and with the tablet-only portion of the device without keyboard available for under £300, it’s a much cheaper alternative to Apple’s iPad 2. Read the full review here.

Asus - Eee Pad Transformer

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