Ebook Readers

Amazon Kindle (2012)

20 November, 2012

Kobo Mini

20 November, 2012

Kobo Glo

15 November, 2012

BeBook Club S

28 September, 2011
E-books are in. People seem to have taken to them in a big way. And the Kindle leads the pack, with ...

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 at IFA 2011, Berlin – first look

7 September, 2011
Are ebook reader manufacturers making the same mistake as tablet makers? In the battle against the ...

BeBook Live

21 June, 2011
BeBook has made a name for itself producing e-readers, but for the first time it has branched out with an Android tablet. The BeBook Live comes at a mid-range price, with some surprisingly good ...

BeBook – Club

11 March, 2011
It isn't easy being a maker of e-book readers these days. Amazon has really cornered the market with its Kindle. That's not so much down to the Kindle e-reader itself, as about additional services ...

Sony – Reader Pocket PRS-350

16 December, 2010
With the Apple iPad making a splash when it launched earlier this year, and Amazon enjoying continued success with its Kindle device, e-book readers are a boom business. So much so that Sony wants to ...

Amazon – Kindle 3

30 November, 2010
The latest Kindle from Amazon seems to have lit the blue touchpaper as far as ebook reading is concerned and this is because it is slick and well put together in its own right, and it offers a strong ...

Sony – Reader Touch PRS-650

26 November, 2010
The Sony Reader Touch PRS-650 is one of two ereaders that Sony sells. It is the larger and more fully featured of the two, and so the more expensive by 40.The aluminium chassis lends a real air of ...

ViewSonic – VEB620 ereader

11 July, 2010
Ereaders are starting to gain ground in the eyes of the consumer, and become desirable pieces of hardware. At the same time there is something of a price war starting. This has to be a good thing for ...

Bookeen – Cybook Opus 2010 edition

28 June, 2010
Earlier this year we looked at the Cybook Opus ereader from Bookeen. We really liked it because it was a plain and simple ebook reader with very few fancy features which draw you in but can detract ...

BeBook – Neo

5 May, 2010
Electronic book readers are widespread enough these days that you can pick and choose between them on the basis of more than simply their ability to present text on screen. The BeBook Neo adds in a ...

iRiver – Story

15 January, 2010

Pixelar – e-Reader

27 April, 2009
Despite Amazon's almost petulant reluctance to launch the Kindle in the UK, there are several ebook readers available here. The cream of the crop is probably Sony's Reader PRS-505, but there are ...