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Roku 2

18 October, 2013

TiVo Mini

30 March, 2013

Oppo BDP-103

29 November, 2012

Google Chromecast

28 July, 2013
By this point, there are tons of ways to watch online content on your HDTV. Your media hub, your game ...

MiniX Neo X5-116A

2 June, 2013
The MiniX Neo X5-116A ($124 list) exists in the middle realm somewhere between a media hub and a ...

Asus Cube With Google TV

4 May, 2013
Google TV has had a rough couple of years. The promising Android-based TV interface appeared on a small handful of media hubs, but never quite caught when compared to, say, the more accessible Roku ...

Roku 3

17 March, 2013
Roku is a pioneer in video-streaming media hubs, but as Apple TV became popular, and HDTVs and Blu-ray players began supporting Netflix and other online services, Roku boxes started to look less ...

WD TV Play

14 March, 2013
Western Digital's latest media hub, the WD TV Play, tries to strike a balance for cord-cutters, offering some streaming services along with local file playback for a lower price ($69.99 list) than ...

Dish Network Hopper With Sling

4 February, 2013
Last year, when we tested Dish Network'sHopper, we were so impressed by its top-notch interface, extensive storage, multiple tuners, and reasonable price that we crowned it our Editors' Choice ...

Logitech Harmony Touch

22 January, 2013
Logitech proudly proclaims on its Web site that the Harmony Touch is "not a remote." Well, it looks like a remote, feels like a remote, and acts like a remote, so despite its claims, we have to say ...

Bowers & Wilkins A7

6 January, 2013
Not everyone has the budget for the iconic Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air , but what if you do, and simply lack the space for the horizontal behemoth in your living room? Fear notB&W has just the ...

Sony Internet Player With Google TV (NSZ-GS7)

2 January, 2013
Two years in and Google TV is still trying to find its footing in an entertainment ecosystem that already offers simple, easy-to-set-up access to online services, either through connected HDTVs and ...

JBL OnBeat Micro speaker with Lightning connector

31 December, 2012
The JBL OnBeat Micro is a small speaker designed to take up very little surface space on your bedside table or kitchen counter. Beyond that, it's the first speaker dock we've tested to feature the ...

NuVo P100 Wireless Player

28 December, 2012

Roku Stick

19 December, 2012

Belkin @TV Plus

12 December, 2012

Lite-On eHBU212

11 August, 2011
With the boom in Full HD video, the need to record more and more data and video on a single disc has seen Blu-ray becoming the recordable media of choice. Following the trend, the new Lite-On eHBU212 ...