DVD Burners

Plextor PX-L611U

24 April, 2011

LG – GP08-NU10

23 March, 2009
The nattily named GP08-NU10 is a Super Multi Drive, which means it can do lots of super multiple things. ...

LG – Super Multi Blue

21 April, 2008
LG may just have arrived at the party a little too late with its Super Multi Blue combo optical drive. ...

Pioneer – BDC-S02BK

24 October, 2007
One of the things holding back the wholesale adoption of the Blu-Ray disc format is the high price of the drives to read and write the discs. Rumour has it the price has been kept high by Sony taking ...

Pioneer – BDR-101A

1 October, 2006
The only way you'll know this drive is not a straight DVD rewriter is the Blu-ray logo on its tray-front and the substantial drop in your bank account when you buy one. The cheapest we could find it ...

Lite-On – SLW-831SX

11 June, 2006
If you have a desktop PC which has no DVD rewriter, you have two options. You can either open the case and fit an internal drive, or plug-in an external USB device. If you have a laptop, only the ...

Plextor – PX-EH40L

28 March, 2006
Not many companies tick the right boxes in quite the same manner as Plextor. That's no surreptitious piece of advertising on our part, but it is appreciation for a company that truly understands the ...

LG – GSA-5169D

7 February, 2006
There are a number of external DVD rewriters available. Rather than having to delve around inside your PC, this type of drive plugs straight into a USB 2 port. Where LG's new take on this product ...

LG – GSA-4166B

10 January, 2006
LG's new GSA-4166B internal DVD writer sits at the top of its Super Multi DVD writer range with the promise that it supports every DVD format you've ever heard of, plus a few more besides.In essence ...

Toshiba – SD-R6572M

6 January, 2006
LightScribe DVD drives have been available for quite a while, or at least they have if you own a desktop PC. Laptop users have had to wait a little longer for this interesting feature, but ...

Toshiba – SD-R5472

25 September, 2005
And so the latest speed race in optical drives gathers pace. It all kicked off in the mid-1990s with read speeds of CD drives, moving onto CD burning, DVD reading and DVD burning. The current race ...

HP – dvd640i

15 June, 2005

Freecom – FS-50

16 November, 2004

NEC – ND2510A

22 August, 2004
The previous model of NEC DVD writer was the ND-2500A with 8x speed on DVD+R/-R media and 4x speed on DVD+RW/-RW, so clearly the ND-2510A was going to be a minor update that added little or nothing ...