Power Supplies

Veho Pebble Mini

8 March, 2012

iGo Power Tower

12 September, 2011

Fractal Design Define R3 Case

3 May, 2011
Fractal Design is a Swedish manufacturer specialising in low-noise computer products. The Define R3 is ...

SolarTechnology Freeloader Classic

10 April, 2011
The Freeloader Classic is a stylish and eco-friendly way to charge your iPad 2, iPod, smartphone, ...

Freeplay – ZipCharge

14 January, 2011
With the explosion in the use of all forms of portable electronics - mobile phones, media players, digital cameras and tablets - the chances of getting caught out with a flat battery have increased, ...

WildCharge – WildCharger Pad

10 November, 2009
There's been plenty of talk of ‘wireless power' recently, and a range of forward-thinking companies have been showing off their particular brands of revolutionary gadget-charging at trade shows ...

Elonex – iGAME

19 October, 2009
Older IT Reviews regulars will no doubt be aware that many people's first experience with home gaming involved a rather chunky black box with two similarly chunky wired controllers attached to a TV, ...

Kensington – Notebook Expansion Dock with Video

25 February, 2009
For those who want to use a laptop as their main PC, it makes a lot of sense to have an expansion dock. An expansion dock is a secondary backplane for a portable machine, which normally plugs into a ...

DIY Kyoto – Wattson

10 January, 2008
There's little doubt DIY Kyoto knows how to market. From its unusual company name to that of its main product, Wattson, it obviously has a flare for creating interest. Wattson is an energy meter, ...

Belkin – AC Anywhere Power Inverter

16 October, 2001
Losing power while you're on the move can be a real pain. Batteries in mobile phones and notebook computers still don't last particularly long and have a habit of dying at just the wrong moment. But ...