Dell PowerEdge R420 server

18 March, 2013

Dell – PowerEdge R310

22 November, 2010

Dell – PowerEdge R610

29 September, 2009
Intel's 45nm Xeon 5500 (Nehalem) processor technology is something of a no-brainer, delivering an ...

Synology – DS409slim

15 September, 2009
With home networks now commonplace, it's not just businesses who require some form of network attached ...

Adaptec – Snap Server 650

17 April, 2007
Plug a Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance into the LAN and you get instant access to shared storage, with none of the management hassles or licensing worries of a general purpose file server. ...

Google – Mini 2.0

28 November, 2006
Small is beautiful, so they say, but don't be fooled by the lack of inches on the Google Mini 2.0. It may be half the size of its predecessor (which was pretty small already), but this self-contained ...

Dell – PowerEdge 1950

1 November, 2006
You've probably heard the joke about the electronics company that was so successful it moved into smaller premises.But it's true: electronic components, especially those used in computers, continue ...

HP – Integrity zx2600

15 December, 2003
It's taken a while for vendors to start shipping systems based on the latest 64-bit Itanium 2 processor, but they are now starting to appear. One such is the rx2600 from HP, the entry-level member of ...

Right Vision – Eye-box Max

31 August, 2003
It's hard to take a server seriously when it's shaped like a small metal puppy. However, lurking beneath the canine cover of the quirky Eye-box Max from Right Vision is a reasonably well specified ...