Sound Cards

Eton Soulra XL

27 July, 2011
Etn has built up a commendable reputation for providing green technology products in general, and ...

Veho 360 portable Bluetooth speaker

20 July, 2011
MP3 players and smartphones such as the Apple iPhone are a great way to take your music with you - but ...

Edifier Sound To Go

30 June, 2011
Almost imperceptibly, home PCs - and laptops in particular - have taken their place alongside mainstream entertainment devices like TVs and stereos, and people are just as likely to dial something up ...

Arcam – rCube, rWave and rWand

9 March, 2011
If you're one of those types that considers themselves an audiophile', it would be easy to turn up your nose at the thought of any kind of iPod dock being worth listening to. But the fact that ...

Edifier – Soundbar USB

26 December, 2010
Laptops aren't known for having great speakers. This can be a pain if you want to do things like listen to music while you use your computer, or deliver presentations to others directly from it in a ...

Edifier – M3300SF 2.1 Speakers

11 May, 2010
Interest in solid 2.1 speaker sets seems to have dissipated a little in recent times, a by-product perhaps of a mixture of a move towards laptops with on-board audio, and the growing number of us who ...

Sandberg – USB Sound Box 7.1

26 January, 2010
Danish company Sandberg specialises in producing computer accessories ranging from networking products to cables, headsets and audio, with the emphasis firmly on units that are simple to understand ...

Griffin – AirCurve Passive iPhone Speaker

5 January, 2010
With its near-ubiquitous stranglehold on the high end mobile market, the iPhone now enjoys a dizzying array of docks and accessories. Most of these are pretty expensive, especially if you buy them ...

Altec Lansing – inMotion Classic

28 December, 2009
There are lots of devices into which you can plug your iPod or iPhone in order to share its music with others or simply listen to it for yourself through speakers rather than headphones. Added value ...

Ferguson Hill – FH007 and FH008 PC Speakers

3 December, 2009
Ferguson Hill is a brand synonymous with its high-end FH001 horn-configuration speakers, a pair of which will set you back an eye-watering 17,000. Well aware that this sort of money is beyond the ...

Voix – PYT Travel Speakers

23 March, 2009
It's getting to the point where there are more travel speakers/portable docks out for iPods than there are iPods themselves; manufacturers can't seem to resist launching new products into the market ...