Networking & Communications Software

MoveIT Cloud

15 June, 2013
Ipswitch offers businesses grappling with the thorny issue of how to securely transfer large files with ...

inSSIDer for Office

22 May, 2013
inSSIDer for Office is a Wi-Fi network discovery tool that has the functionality of the inSSIDer for ...

Secunia SmallBusiness

2 May, 2013
IT administrators in small businesses have a tough job keeping up with all the software updates for every single application installed on every computer in the organization. Software vendors either ...


1 May, 2013
BrowserScan from vulnerability management vendor Rapid7 is a low-impact scanning service that IT managers can use to check what browsers users are running on their computers. Large companies have ...

Netgear ReadyShare Vault

28 February, 2013
Netgear's ReadyShare Vault app is for use with Netgear's new Centria device, a NAS/router combo. The app provides back up in much the same way as ReadyNAS Vault does for Netgear's line of ReadyNAS ...

Netgear Genie (Desktop App)

28 February, 2013
Home users' networks are getting more complex and doing more tasks than ever: streaming media, handling online gaming, BitTorrenting, and more. The demands of such tasks require vendors to deliver ...

Solar Winds Free IP Address Tracker

20 January, 2013
We recently reviewed and awarded an Editors' Choice for an excellent IP Address management solution, Solar Winds IP Address Manager. While a robust and comprehensive way to manage IP addresses, IP ...

Skype announces unlimited call-plans to over a third of the world

12 May, 2008
With Skype becoming more popular in the modern home and with support becoming being more commonly available on mobile phones, it's no wonder BT is having to work harder with its calling plans and ...