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25 December, 2013

Evernote (Web)

27 March, 2013


7 March, 2013

TripRider (for iPhone)

7 January, 2013
What would you pay for a totally comprehensive travel app? Something with packing lists, offline maps of ...

Dragon’s Blade (for Windows Phone)

3 January, 2013
The best old-school RPG for Windows Phone 8, Dragon's Blade could be an even better game if it worked ...

YouTube (for iPad)

2 January, 2013
iOS 6's launch will be remembered for two Google-related issues: Apple's horrible, horrible Google Maps replacement, and the YouTube app's mysterious disappearance. The former is in the process of ...

Flickr (for iPhone)

1 January, 2013
Flickr is the most popular photo-specific web service around (with over 26 million unique visitors per month, according to recent comScore numbers) and it earned our Editors' Choice as the best. But ...

Google+ Mobile App (for iPhone)

30 December, 2012
If I chose which social networks I used based on the mobile app experience alone, I'd be all over Google+. And indeed, since rediscovering the app in its latest release, I have been much more active, ...

New Super Mario Bros. U (for Nintendo Wii U)

27 December, 2012
For the first time in a long time, a Nintendo system has launched with a Mario game available on the first day. After generations of waiting months or years for the latest Mario game on a system (New ...


24 December, 2012
The first time I launched the Larklife iPhone app, I thought, "How can an app this well designed and different from the competition go with a gadget that's so clunky and awkward?" Larklife ($149.99, ...

Pyramids 3D

24 December, 2012


28 November, 2012
Small businesses and promotional designers have long known as the go-to site for making (and also selling) customized goods, everything from logo coffee mugs to rock band baby t-shirts. ...

MoviePlus X6

26 March, 2012
The latest version of Serif's home video editing program adds new features designed to appeal to users who want to create movies with the minimum of effort and a number of extras designed to enhance ...

Freemake Music Box

2 March, 2012
"Free music without limits" is the rallying cry of Freemake Music Box, a free-to-download program that will hunt through the narrow corridors of the Internet in search of free music, and then ...

Music Maker MX

2 February, 2012

Serif Photo Projects

18 January, 2012

Gigaset SL910A

22 December, 2011

Reason 6 by Propellerhead on PC and Mac

8 November, 2011
Back in 2009, Propellerhead tried to augment Reason, its flagship synthesiser/sequencer with a separate but complementary product to handle audio recording called Record, with some – but ...