Choosing the best Miscellaneous games review

miscellaneous games
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A pretty broad category this; the miscellany, the Twilight Zone of the gaming world. Anything that doesn’t fit into our other categories gets unceremoniously lumped in here. It’s a mixed-up bag, rather like Ruby Wax. Sorry…

There’s a myriad of subset genres in this general grouping; here we might review conversions of popular board games like Monopoly, quiz games like Trivial Pursuit, or highly challenging chess sims (which probably match Nigel Short in small-talk terms too).


Then we have the weird simulations of life like Creatures 2, ‘real world’ puzzle games like Aureum, or Lego building in the virtual world (terminally addictive it is too), plus the more serious traditional puzzles presented by Microsoft’s Pandora’s Box and its ilk.

Moving swiftly on, you’ve also got your ‘cutesie’ games, such as Lemmings, Worms and Cannon Fodder, a breed of arcade puzzle games (particularly Lemmings) in their own right. They’re old, but they’re still highly entertaining. Then there are platform games, a popular genre in times past, but now pretty much redundant except for the odd emergence such as OddWorld: Abe’s Odyssey.

Deaf, dumb and blind kids everywhere can certainly get their fill of pinball games; these in themselves make up a substantial niche genre, although it’s run out of fuel of late (thank God).


Basically, we’re talking a wide set of sub-genres and misfit games. You can also count plain weird games in, like Vangers (trust us, it’s weird), the daft South Park thing, and Beavis and Butt-Head’s ‘classic’ virtual adventure. Heheh heh. Uh huh huh huh. He said ‘butt’… then he said ‘head’…

Sadly, even for fans of these cult shows, these ‘comedy’ games are about as entertaining as a winter-break caravanning holiday in Skegness. Less so, in fact, because they don’t include doughnuts.