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Among those of us who’ve worked in offices – or even just seen pictures of them – the paperless version has long been recognised as a cruel joke. Rather than turning the workplace into a paper-free zone, technology, it seems, is determined to spew out more of the stuff than ever before. This paper overload explains our affection for sticky notes, both in the real world where they can be affixed (albeit temporarily) to the edge of a PC’s screen, and in the electronic one where they can be peppered all over it.

Notezilla (and you have to love that name) is actually a souped-up version of Quick Notes Plus, a sticky note taker that’s been around for years and developed nicely from a feature-filled but old and ugly program into something that’s both attractive and useful. Notezilla adds a number of new features to QNPlus, including categories for tagging notes, better searching, word and character counts, password protection and a more sophisticated notes browser.

So, it does all the usual stuff. Notes can be assigned different colours and different levels of transparency, they support any installed font and all its attributes, simple formatting (ranged left, centred, ranged right, bullet lists) and you can stick them to the desktop so they’re always visible, attach them so they only open with a specific application, and roll them up so only the title is visible. They also work as one-off reminders or repeating alarms to nudge you when something needs doing, whether it’s a weekly back-up or an important Champions League match.

Notezilla aims to be more than just a note taker, though, courtesy of tags – user defined categories that can be assigned to each note – and the Notes Browser which allows you to organise notes into ‘memoboards’, virtual spaces where notes to do with a specific project can be arranged and displayed together. Add to that some good search features allowing you to search inside notes for specific text strings, and you’ve got a useful program for organising your personal life and your business projects.

In terms of design and organisation, though, Notezilla is a bit broken-backed. The menus have an odd, non-standard design (readers with long memories may be reminded of Lotus Development’s Ami Pro) and sometimes don’t make sense. ‘Undo’ is hidden away under the Copy/Paste menu, for example, and you can only get help, change preferences or assign tags from inside the Notes Browser rather than when you’re working on a note.

Visually it’s nice, and has some great skins, but it looks back towards XP rather than forwards towards Vista. A refresh due in a few weeks will add import/export and synchronisation features but a little more work on the way the interface is organised wouldn’t go amiss either; a few design tweaks would nudge this over into the ‘recommended’ column.

Company: Conceptworld

Contact: 00 91 44 42052155

Notezilla knows what it wants to be: a nifty note taking application with sound underlying organisational features. It just isn't quite there yet.