Corsair – Flash Voyager Mini 4GB review

the smallest gathering of 4GB of data you're likely to see for some time
Photo of Corsair – Flash Voyager Mini 4GB

It’s to the eternal shame of your reviewer that it’s taken two attempts to test Corsair’s Flash Voyager Mini 4GB drive. This isn’t, it should be said, anything to do with the quality of the product itself, since we found it to be up to Corsair’s usual high standards. No, this is a question of size. Or more to the point, lack thereof…

Because the Flash Voyager Mini really does live up to the latter part of its name. Barely the length of a match (at just over 3cm long), the unit is extremely compact yet manages to squeeze in 4GB of storage space. That doesn’t come at the expense of protection, though, as it’s a robust device that certainly withstood being dropped and bundled around in our pocket (it helped that we could easily add it to a keyring).

The USB connector itself is hidden behind a protective rubber body (and this, argues Corsair, can protect the drive against an abundance of nasties), and is then flicked up when you require it. There’s no cap here to lose, thankfully. However, there’s a trade-off of sorts because it’s a slim USB connector that means you’ll need to take more care than usual when inserting it into the relevant port.

In terms of performance, we ran the Flash Voyager Mini through HD Tach and the results came back as impressive, although not cutting edge. The burst speed of 34.9MB/s did, however, eclipse our benchmark OCZ Rally 2, 2GB flash stick, which was some way behind with 25.1MB/s. In short, the performance of the Flash Voyager Mini is likely to be more than ample for the majority of users.

Our biggest concern about the product, however, is its size, which is something of a double-edged sword. While it’s impressive to have so much storage in so little physical space, the problem is that if you possess a similar level of clumsiness to this reviewer, or if you’re a junior government official looking for a drive to carry 25 million people’s unencrypted confidential data around on, then it might be wiser to choose something a little larger.

We were impressed by the robustness of the rubber case, too, but a little worried at just how weak the cut-away USB connector looked. We’re sure that Corsair knows its eggs on this score, however, and fortunately we had no concrete bad experience to back up our fear.

With a price tag of around £15 and with full support for Vista’s ReadyBoost feature, the Flash Voyager Mini is a compact, impressive little drive that offers good performance. Just be careful you don’t lose it!

Company: Corsair

A strong flash drive, with its miniscule size one of its key strengths and, perhaps, its weakness.