Corsair Red Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM review

8GB of performance RAM for under £40? So, what’s the catch?
Photo of Corsair Red Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM

Corsair’s Vengeance RAM kit boasts 8GB of DDR3, solidly packed in twinned 4GB sticks. Inevitably, this means you will need a 64-bit operating system to get the best results, but it is a worthy investment, if you have either one.

The sticks themselves are finished with metallic red heat spreaders, and are, as a direct result, a little taller than most traditional memory DIMMs. This is unlikely to be a problem, unless you’re running a particularly tight desktop case, such as Shuttle case or something of that ilk. We did try installing the RAM in a Shuttle box, and although it was very tight, the Vengeance did just about fit.

The RAM itself boasts a latency of 9-9-9-24, drawing 1.5V and running at 1600MHz. Absolute cutting edge performance memory it is not, but it’s not far off it, the attractive price might just sweeten the deal for many. Our street price search uncovered the 8GB kit for slightly under £45, which is a strong price for branded, performance sticks such as these.

There is some overclocking headroom too, but it’s the sheer stability of the Vengeance RAM that’s going to be the key appeal for many. In spite of some intense testing, over a three week period, it never blinked and offered a strong performance and utmost reliability. Temperatures were modest, where the sizeable heatsink does clearly work.

For a Sandy Bridge or modern AMD build, there’s a real feeling of a sweet spot being hit here. The sub-£40 price tag, matched with the quality of the memory itself, makes for a commendable bargain. Perhaps the real area of potential contention will be an aesthetic one, with the red-design bound to be unappealing for some. Still, the majority won’t have their RAM on show, and can take peace of mind from having quality, branded performance DIMMs at such a keen price.





Company: Corsair


  • Good quality, reliable, and terrific value for money.
  • The heatsinks are bulky; the red design not to all tastes.


A smashing deal. Quality DDR3, reliable, with strong performance and at a terrific price.