CTX – PR960F review

19-inch CRT monitor
Photo of CTX – PR960F
£305 + VAT

The price of 19-inch monitors is now comparable with that of 17-inch units about 18 months ago, making them realistic choices for anyone buying a new system. This latest monitor from CTX uses Sony’s FD (Flat Display) Trinitron tube, and is one of the best displays we’ve come across at any price.

A full range of connections is fitted to this display; the standard VGA ‘D’ connector, five BNC connections for RGB and both vertical and horizontal sync, and a USB upstream port to connect the four downstream ports to your computer. The PR960F comes with a full selection of OSD (On Screen Display) controls and with these you shouldn’t have any problems setting up the monitor at any of the screen resolutions, up to the recommended maximum of 1600 x 1200 pixels. You can push the screen a bit further but it starts to become uncomfortable to view. The default vertical scan rate at 1600 x 1200 is 89Hz, and at this resolution there was no need for any adjustment other than screen size and position – producing an excellent image.

One feature that initially disappointed us was the image quality when we first switched on the monitor. It looked quite fuzzy, but after a few minutes the image sharpened up and was excellent. The Sony tube does produce a quality image with good contrast, fully saturated colours and a clean white. Colour temperature can be adjusted and this is useful if you’re working under different ambient light conditions, or require a ‘softer’ image.

Installation is very simple, Windows recognises the monitor as a Plug and Play device, installs the correct driver and you’re up and running. If you install the onboard hub then any device connected to the monitor should automatically start the installation process, provided you’re using a USB-aware operating system like Windows 98 and later versions. Two USB ports are provided at the side of the monitor and two at the rear, which is ideal for connecting a wide range of external devices, from mice and art pads and modems.

Company: CTX

Contact: 01923 818461

This is one of the best. Comparable, if not better than the Mitsubishi Diamond Range. Once it's warmed up you'd be hard pressed to find a monitor producing a better image at any price.