D-Link DCS-932L review

An affordable day/night wireless security camera
Photo of D-Link DCS-932L

Wireless security cameras used to be the preserve of professionals, due to their high cost and complicated setup. With its DCS-932L, D-Link aims to take away most of those barriers, making it easy and affordable for non-technical users to add security monitoring to a home or small office.

Easy connection
The DCS-932L is surprisingly small and light, but comes with a rather flimsy plastic bracket that attaches via a swivel joint. Another annoyance is the fact that the cable for the power adapter is only 1.5m long, which could make it rather difficult to install the camera at any height in a room. There’s an Ethernet socket at the back, or it can connect via 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Setup is extremely easy, with excellent illustrated wizards. The DCS-932L is compatible with D-Link’s new mydlink remote viewing service, and you have the choice of using this or installing the D-ViewCam viewing and recording software. We don’t recommend the latter option, though, as the software is atrocious – not only is it clunky and idiosyncratic, it also turns off Windows 7′s user account control (D-Link says it plans to address this in a future release). It’s a shame, as there’s no other recording software provided.

Remote gripes
mydlink is very good, though, allowing remote viewing and configuration from any web browser with minimum fuss. Our only gripe is that we couldn’t get it to work in IE8 or 9, despite allowing cookies as suggested by D-Link. It was fine in Chrome and Firefox, though.

There are free mydlink apps for iOS and Android, and these work very well. The camera has a web configuration page with ActiveX and Java video viewers, plus you can enable zone-based motion detection to trigger email alerts and FTP uploads. The camera has a microphone, but no speaker.

Image quality was decent, despite the low 640×480 resolution, and an automatic mechanical infra-red cut filter kicks in during the day to allow colour video. It opens at night when the four infrared LEDs turn on and the picture turns to monochrome – these LEDs are easily powerful enough for a standard living room.

Company: D-Link

Website: http://www.dlink.co.uk/

Contact: D-Link on 020 8955 9000

  • Easy setup; automatic day/night feature.
  • D-ViewCam recording software.


The D-Link DCS-932L has a good feature set, and the accompanying mydlink service is great - but more work is needed on the browser support and the bundled recording software. The camera is also a little flimsy for our tastes, but for home use it will certainly do the job.