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Fast and efficient data erasure
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Appsmaker’s DataErasePro is specifically designed to make sure that all unwanted or sensitive information is completely wiped from PCs, USB sticks and memory cards with no possibility of recovery – preventing sensitive data from falling into the hands of identity thieves and other ne’er-do-wells.

Four wipe solutions and thirty-five passes
Once installed, DataErasePro presents you with four distinct choices – to wipe a complete system by initially creating a bootable USB stick or DVD; to wipe an entire hard drive or partition; to wipe only selected files or folders; or to wipe the free space on your disk. This last option is especially important because when an ordinary file deletion is carried out, some clusters may remain partially intact (leaving information vulnerable to recovery), thus it’s vital to make sure every free space on the disk is overwritten.

Furthermore, you can carry out anything from one to 35 pre-programmed passes (although three is usually more than sufficient), or even choose your own customised wipe pattern to fit in with current business protocols.

A printable log is made of every operation, and each log has a digital signature so it can’t be tampered with. Obviously the more passes you take the longer the process, but the display provides a running estimate of job completion.

You might want to put the kettle on while Flash drives are wiped, as they’ll need a free space cleanse, which inevitably takes longer than a single folder or drive.

DataErasePro is quick and simple to set up and execute and is a highly efficient means of ensuring all sensitive data is permanently removed from PCs and external storage sources – although a little patience may be required.

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  • Free space wipes leave nothing to chance.
  • Freespace wipes take longer to complete.