DDR3 SO-DIMMs from Lexar Media review

Photo of DDR3 SO-DIMMs from Lexar Media

Lexar Media has joined the increasing number of memory manufacturers that have announced DDR3 SO-DIMMs to support Intel’s next mobile chipset, ‘Montevina’, the fifth generation Centrino (or, to give it its more common name, Centrino 2) which is due for release sometime in Q2 this year.

The Crucial DDR3-1066 (PC3-8500) RAM announced by Lexar Media is in the shape of 204-pin SO-DIMMs available in 1GB and 2GB modules, supporting bandwidths up to 10.6Gbps at a clock frequency of 800MHz.

The unbuffered modules feature better performance and reduced power consumption compared to DDR2, as DDR2 has a supply voltage of 1.8V in comparison to DDR3′s 1.5V requirements. The modules are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Current pricing, including VAT, for all the range of modules is as follows, and all are available from Crucial.

1GB CT12864BC1067 – £78.71
2GB kit (1GB x 2) CT2KIT12864BC1067 – £158.61
2GB CT25664BC1067 – £217.36
4GB kit (2GB x2) CT2KIT25664BC1067 – £434.47