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Dell’s 1130 series is a rather unassuming entry into a market that is being gradually overcome by low-priced, high-speed, multi-purpose devices. Aimed at home and small business users, this 600dpi monochrome laser printer quotes speeds of 18ppm and uses a 250-sheet paper tray along with a single-sheet feeder that can handle a range of paper sizes.

Despite appearing to be a rather compact unit, the 1130 does let itself down somewhat with a protruding section at the rear. We’ve never been too keen on these pseudo space-saving designs, and as it stands this does demand around six inches of extra space past the apparent back of the unit when the power cable is taken into account. This aside, the matt black design certainly won’t turn any heads, but is unassuming enough to fit into a typical setup and for the most part the feed trays are well oriented and do their job.

The unit itself simply offers a power and cancel button along with warning LEDs, though the supplied software does add a bit more versatility and using this it’s possible to scale prints and opt to print multiple pages onto a single sheet, add watermarks, overlays and adjust print quality for text and graphics in the usual way. It’s also possible to ‘duplex’ print using the 1130, though this must be done manually by removing the pages and flipping them around before placing them back into the main tray, a process that’s easy to follow due to a range of prompts that appear on-screen.

In our tests we were impressed to note that the 18ppm quoted speed is actually very accurate, provided you omit the 20 seconds or so it takes for the device to warm up. Once it got started the 1130 hit almost exactly 18 pages per minute, and stayed fairly constant even when we combined images and text onto a page. Text is extremely sharp as well, with no bleed and crisp lettering throughout.

Performance can’t be faulted with Dell’s new laser printer, then, but those who would plan to use it in an office environment should bear in mind that although the 1130 is available as a networked device for an extra £44 (the 1130n, which also boasts faster print speeds), the model on test here simply offers standard USB connectivity.

Company: Dell

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There's clearly still a market for standalone printers and Dell's new model is a tidy solution suitable for medium-yield home and small business use. Those looking for a no-nonsense solution in these environments will find very little to dislike about the 1130.