Dell Inspiron One 2320 review

A capable All in One from Dell
Photo of Dell Inspiron One 2320

One group of computers that have never seemingly caught the public’s attention are the All-in-One PC’s. This is surprising, as all you have to do is find a home for the screen where the device makes for an ideal space-saver. Maybe it’s still the perception that they are the poorer relations, when it comes to performance, compared to a standard desktop. While this was true of the first examples that used notebook components, things have moved on, as can be seen by Dell’s latest AIO range – the Inspiron One 2320. This is powered by a formidable desktop processor and backed by a decent amount of memory, while featuring a full touch screen. The Inspiron One 2320 is light years away from those first AIO’s.

Pick your processor

Currently there are four models in the range; the entry level system using a 2.6GHz Pentium G620 (£599) and three models using Intel Core processors. These are the i3-2100 (£699), the i5-2400S (£799), our review variant and finally, the flagship model. This is powered by an 2.8GHz i7-2600S, which will set you back £999.

Not lacking in power

Backing up the Quad cored i5-2400S, which is clocked at 2.5GHz (3.3GHz with Turbo), is 6GB of 1333MHz DDR3. All of which gives the 2320 some pretty good performance. In PCMark Vantage it gave an overall score of 8732, and brings up a score of 2589 in PCMark 07. This isn’t too far off what you’d get from a desktop PC, using the same CPU and memory combination.

Touchy feely

As you might have guessed from the name, the Inspiron One 2320 is built around a 23in LED WLED monitor that has a highly reflective screen. The colours here are rich and vibrant, with sharp text. The former of which comes in handy, when you are watching content, either from the built in Blu-Ray drive or via the DVB-T/Analog TV tuner. The downside is that the screen’s coating reflects every light, in the room.

Now to the funky bit of the One 2320 – the touch screen technology. Dell has installed their Stage user interface which allows for touch control of the usual multimedia functions; video, music, photo, as well as documents and shortcuts. All this works well enough, but it doesn’t feel quite as slick as HP’s TouchSmart technology, on their range of AIO’s.

Achilles heel 

The one area of AIO’s that still relies on mobile technology is the graphics subsystem. Our version of the One 2320 had the graphics powered by an Nvidia GeForce GT525M, which means a compromise, when it comes to thinking about playing games. At a 1080p resolution, a quick test with the DX11 Aliens V Predator’s benchmark produced an average frame rate score of just 10fps, while 3DMark Vantage gave a score of 4180 in the Performance test suite. If you are looking at just being able to play some of the old school games with decent detail settings, the graphics prowess of the 2320 is fine. If you are looking to play any of today’s top titles you’ll have to cut back on the detail and resolution settings, to get anywhere near a playable frame rate. However, you would never buy an AIO for its gaming capabilities.

Ports aplenty

Although there is a HDMI port built into the back of the unit, this is input only. This means that you can connect up a games console, only you can’t use HDMI to hook up to an external HD screen. Other than the missing HDMI out port, the One 2320 is pretty well equipped with ports to allow you to hook up with other entertainment devices; VGA, S/PDIF optical out and a composite video in port. Joining these ports on the back of the unit are four USB2.0 sockets (there’s another two on the side of the system) and a LAN port. If you are looking for any USB 3.0 ports, or for that matter any eSATA connectivity, you’re bang out of luck. You also get dual band 802.11n WiFi.

If you don’t fancy using the touch screen technology, Dell bundles in a wireless mouse and keyboard. You will have to give up one of the USB ports for the wireless adaptor, which could be easily lost as it’s a tiny wee thing.

Dell provide the Inspiron One 2320 with 1yr Collect and Return warranty, which is upgradable to a 3 year Next Day In-Home Service with Premium Phone Support, at additional cost.

Company: Dell


  • Touch screen technology and connectivity.
  • Graphics performance isn’t its strong point.


Powerful All in One PC with a decent feature set, but there are some better-equipped competitor’s models, around the same price point.