eJay Dance & House Double Pack by Focus Multimedia review

A twin-pack of tune creation programs
Photo of eJay Dance & House Double Pack by Focus Multimedia

eJay has long been a name associated with computerised music making – or, more to the point, PC-based tune creation for novices. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, eJay’s aim is to allow even the least musically talented individuals to assemble something of a tune with a minimum of fuss. This package is a double re-release of two eJay programs, one of which deals with dance and the other house music.

Back to the past
Installing and firing up the ‘House’ software first, we found ourselves transported back in time. We’ve reviewed a few eJay programs throughout the last decade, and this took us back around ten years to when these efforts were originally released. And while the user interface does look very old, at least it’s clear and clean.

eJay House offers around 3,000 samples which can be dropped into tracks to produce a song. The process is tried and tested simplicity itself, although unfortunately the interface in these programs lacks some elements of basic functionality. For example, it’s not possible to copy and paste sections of a tune, as it is with the more modern eJay packages.

Alongside the main 24-track drag-and-drop composition screen, there are some extra trimmings. These include an FX panel where you can take samples and add chorus, reverb and other rudimentary effects, along with a simple drum machine to concoct your own custom beats with. It’s all fairly basic stuff, but it nevertheless gives the user fresh possibilities to vary the 3,000 samples on hand.

Dance beats
The dance arm of the package is replete with even more samples: 5,000, to be precise. It’s a similar affair but with dance samples, a fresher look, slightly slicker interface and a more in-depth effects editor. Both programs are easy to use – and while you won’t knock out a Top Ten hit with eJay, the samples are of a reasonable quality, and it’s possible to concoct a palatable tune given a little time.

Company: Focus Multimedia

Website: http://www.focusmm.co.uk/

Contact: Focus Multimedia on 01889 570156

  • Fun and simple tune composition.
  • Very dated looking; basic functionality.


A decent pair of programs that covers two music styles. Both allow users some fun composing tunes, even if the overall level of functionality is pretty basic (particularly when it comes to the house music). What's here is rather limited and certainly dated looking, but considering the price, it's reasonable value for money.