Electronic Arts – SimCity 3000 World Edition review

Photo of Electronic Arts – SimCity 3000 World Edition

Perhaps you feel that you haven’t tortured and traumatised your little citizens enough? Or maybe you’d like to construct great sprawling metropolises… metropili’… erm, cities in the style of classical European or Asian influenced architecture?

These options and more are opened up to the devoted SimCity mayor with this new World Edition of the 3000 version. You can throw new disasters on your populace, including plagues of locust (very biblical) and toxic waste spills (very unpleasant), and use the new European or Asian sets of buildings (hence the ‘World Edition’ label).

Moreover, you can design your own buildings using a built-in editor, so Frank Lloyd-Wright wannabes will be in SimHeaven. Even more importantly, there’s a fully featured scenario editor too, and Maxis is placing great emphasis on player-built missions, dedicating a fair bit of space on its Web site to these.

In-keeping with the ‘world’ theme, a batch of new ready-made scenarios – ten to be precise – has been introduced, each based on famous cities. For example, there’s one where you’re the Mayor of Seoul, and have to get the city ready for the up-coming Olympics. In another you have to re-unify East and West Berlin after the wall has been pulled down. And these really are nicely designed.

So what else is new? Well that’s pretty much your lot, apart from some new terrains to lend further variety to the appearance of your sprawling collections of monstrous carbuncles, including deserts and snow environments amongst others.

Basically it’s SimCity 3000 with some nice bells and whistles, but if you’ve already got the 3000 version, is it worth buying? Yes and no. Hardcore fans will love the new highly customisable features, particularly the scenario editor. And it’s superb for those who don’t already own SC 3000. However, for the ‘average’ player who already owns the basic game, but isn’t going to be hopping online to swap scenarios with fellow addicts, it’s a little more debatable whether this is a worthwhile buy.

Company: Electronic Arts

SimCity 3000 is without doubt a great game, and this World Edition takes it and adds some very nice embellishments to the mix. In terms of upgrading though, it doesn't really do quite enough to make it the 'must buy' that the SimCity games normally are for the average gamer.