Epson EH-TW9000W 3D projector review

Wireless 3D projector for advanced home cinemas
Photo of Epson EH-TW9000W 3D projector
£2,650 (£2,962 with wireless)

With its, err, projection that 27% of households will have 3D TVs or projectors by 2015 and over 40 3D video game titles expected to be released this year, Epson has launched headlong into the 3D era with this stunning high-end projector.

Exciting development
Available from November, but previewed by us recently, the EH-TW9000W arrives in two fascinating flavours.

The first uses Reflective 3LCD imaging tech, a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, has twin HDMI inputs, offers a 200,000:1 contrast ratio, 2,400 lumens brightness and 2.1x optical zoom Fujinon lens, and comes with two pairs of (new industry standard) M3Di Active Shutter 3D glasses.

Those with experience of Epson projectors will also notice that the lens has moved from the left-hand side to the middle of the chassis.

As if the arrival of 3D on a high-end projector such as this wasn’t enough, there’s another surprise in store, signified by the ‘W’ on the end of the model number. Identical in looks to the EH-TW9000 save for being white, the EH-TW9000W adds an exciting new feature – Wireless HD.

Epson EH-TW9000W 3D projector

Look, no wires!
To us, the inclusion of wireless is easily as exciting as 3D, because it makes a projector-led home cinema so much easier to configure.

At present, there’s a problem of where to put all the AV gear – the DVD player, the AV receiver – which usually means getting an AV rack at the back of the room to put everything on. Atop that sits the projector.

With the WiFi capabilities of the EH-TW9000W that kind of backwards set-up (or very long, messy cables) is no longer required: all the rest of your gear can remain where it is under a TV at the front of the room.

When the light fades and you fancy a movie writ large, out comes the EH-TW9000W; once it’s been placed on a table at the back of the room, a small video sender then hooks up to your Freeview box or DVD player; massive movies are yours without having to dedicate an entire room to a home cinema.

What’s more, both the EH-TW9000 and EH-TW9000W have vertical and horizontal keystone correction and a wide lens shift with manual levers that can move the lens quite considerably – so much so, in fact, that they make a dead-on image easy to create for almost anywhere in a room. That means placing the EH-TW9000W on a coffee table in front, or to the side, of your viewing position is possible.

Aside from easy placement, the EH-TW9000W has a third dimension. Good job, too, since 12% of cinema installs – the intended place of the pricey EH-TW9000W despite its easy-to-use reputation – are now using 3D products, and that figure is sure to rise.

So too the refresh rates on the EH-TW9000W, which increase from 200Hz to 400Hz when switching to 3D mode. During our 3D demo on a huge screen, the image looked sharp and well-defined, with little ghosting evident.

The most noticeable disadvantage of donning 3D specs when watching most 3D projections is a loss of brightness (caused by glasses blocking light every time the left/right image swaps). It does improve contrast somewhat, but it can have a negative effect on visible detail.

Thanks to the doubled refresh rate, the EH-TW9000W appeared to deliver an image that was just bright enough – a good performance, given that a huge projection cuts down on brightness (our demo was on a 100-inch+ screen).

Also onboard are two features we’ve loved in the past – frame interpolation (which brings a giddy sense of fluidity to Blu-ray movies) and Super Resolution (for sharp, fine detailing), while an ISF calibration menu is also available for those wanting to create film industry-standard images.

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  • Clean and sharp 3D, 3D brightess, streams any source via WiFi.
  • Bulky size.


Epson claims that the 400Hz goodies inside the EH-TW9000W means a 3D image that's up to 70% brighter picture than on other 3D projectors.

Judging from the clean image and natural colours in our demo, there's certainly a big improvement - though it's that Wireless HD transmission option that we love most.