Epson – GT 10000 review

high-spec A3 flatbed scanner
Photo of Epson – GT 10000
£1,045 + VAT

How often have you tried to scan a document on an A4 flatbed scanner, only to find it just doesn’t quite fit? One possible solution to that problem is offered by Epson’s extra large A3 scanner – although at the price it’s a solution for businesses only. The GT 10000 colour image scanner is capable of scanning a full A3 document at resolutions up to 600 x 2400dpi, boosted by interpolation to 9600 x 9600dpi.

The GT 10000 is no lightweight, and differs from most scanners in that it opens along the longest side, in a similar way to most photocopiers. Opening this way does make document positioning easier and if you need to scan books or parts of a larger document then the lid can be completely removed.

Epson supplies a SCSI card and cable to connect the scanner to your system. If you’re already using SCSI then you can connect to your existing system. Before you can use the scanner, you’ll need to release the transport lock and then install the TWAIN software. This comes in two versions. The standard one is for a stand-alone installation and sets up all the usual features – resolution, colour depth, image type and control. The other driver enables the scanner to be used as a shared network device. This is ideally suited to use in a commercial environment, especially if you’ve added the optional 10ppm document feeder.

Epson supplies Presto Page Manager for general scanning. This is a virtual desktop with icons for any applications you may need to use with your scanned images. Once you’ve scanned documents, they appear as images on the desktop, and these images can then be dragged into any of the application icons at the base of the screen. For example, to edit the image, you can drop it into your photo editor. To OCR a scanned document into your word processor, just drop it onto the relevant icon and the inbuilt OCR engine will convert it. To send it by fax just drop it onto the fax icon. For more sophisticated OCR Epson also includes a copy of Text bridge Pro. This is more powerful than Presto and attempts to retain the original document’s page layout, with reasonable success.

Company: Epson

Contact: 0800 220546

Image resolution and colour rendition is up to the standard we've come to expect from Epson and, although not as high as their latest film scanners, is more than adequate for photo and document scanning. With the extra capacity to scan at A3, the GT 10000 would be suited to design studios and anyone dealing with larger documents - as long as you're prepared to pay the price.