Epson launches new range of speedy mono printers review

Photo of Epson launches new range of speedy mono printers

Epson has announced the launch of a brand new AcuLaser range of high-performance monochrome laser printers from the beginning of March, to meet the needs of busy office environments.

The M2000 series aims to churn out 28 pages per minute at a resolution of 1,200 dpi, with the first page emerging in a breathless six seconds. The first two models – the M2000D and the M2000DN – will also provide environmentally-friendly duplex printing at 14ppm.

Although colour printers are usually the preferred option in modern offices, Epson believes there’s still a major need for high-capacity, high-speed mono printing, so both models will have a maximum paper capacity of 800 sheets.

The basic M2000D has 32MB of memory (expandable to 288MB) and will retail at £209 + VAT, while the network-enabled M2000DN has 64MB (expandable to 312MB) and will set you back an affordable £272 + VAT.

Both machines come equipped with a 300MHz processor and their high memory capacities should be capable of churning out those end-of-year reports effortlessly and efficiently.