Family Quiz by Funbox Media review

A family quiz that you won't want to play with anybody, let alone your family
Photo of Family Quiz by Funbox Media

The Nintendo Wii has been in trouble for some time. Bereft of interesting, major releases, and regularly accused of being fobbed off with third party-published ‘shovelware’, the Wii clearly needs some quality thinking in its games if it’s to turn those perceptions around. Family Quiz will not be riding to the rescue.

Billed as a captivating quiz game for the entire family, but there’s nothing captivating about it. Family Quiz is as basic and sluggish a title as you can possibly conceive – one that would have failed to interest gamers even five years ago. One to four players can take part, and you’re given a choice between a simple or a more extensive game. But the guts will still be the same: you answer questions to move along a game board.

The questions, whether you choose the simple or the more advanced option, aren’t much good either. And unlike quiz games such as EA’s Smarty Pants, answering questions is pretty much all there is to it. Every attempt the game makes to shake things up fails miserably. You choose your answer, move your place, rinse and repeat.

Plenty of questions
In the game’s defence, there’s been an attempt here to provide variety in the questions, which cover subjects such as biology, sport and general knowledge. Some might question how well they’ve been pitched for a family audience – certainly very young players aren’t made too welcome – but there are plenty to work through.

However, the £20 spent on this would be far better used on a good board game, or getting a bargain copy of Wii title Smarty Pants – even if that game is itself far from perfect. Because oddly, the Wii still doesn’t really have anything that can hold a torch to Buzz on the PlayStation. And Family Quiz does nothing to change that. It’s just another piece of shovelware on the shelf.

Company: Funbox Media

  • Um... plenty of questions?
  • Dull and uninspiring.


Pretty terrible. Slack execution, and a not great idea in the first place. Family Quiz belongs nowhere near anybody's family.