FastTrak – Dance eJay 2 review

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We reviewed the first version of Dance eJay, along with its Rave eJay cousin, last year (click here to read that review). Overall, we were pretty impressed – although the software had a habit of churning out Europop rather than the uplifting house we were aiming for, it was a real laugh to use and kept us amused for hours, sad square-eyed trance-fiends that we are. There were one or two things that we wanted to change, such as having 16 tracks instead of 8 with volume controls for left and right channels, but generally we had bags of fun with it.

So enter part two, and it seems that we’ve pretty much got what we asked for. There are now 16 tracks to play with, some of which are dedicated to left or right, which makes a huge difference to the sound of the finished tune. Individual tracks and even individual samples have their own volume adjustment control, and there’s a pitch slider to speed up or slow down the default 140 beats per minute of the samples. You can even record a track using a microphone while simultaneously playing back the backing tracks.

We particularly enjoyed the Groove Generator, a part of the program that lets you mix and match drum samples to create your own sequence, sometimes with truly appalling results. Then there’s the Effect Studio in which you can add reverb, filter and distortion effects to your samples, and Wav files can now be imported and added to the mix, complementing the 1,300-odd samples that are included in the box. Three new sample kits are also available to buy, each containing 500 extra samples in House, Trance and Latin Dance style respectively.

Company: FastTrak

Contact: 01923 495496

There's no doubt that Dance eJay 2 has far more features than its predecessor, and if used intelligently these can produce some very interesting dance tunes. Unfortunately, the samples that are included as part of the package still have rather too much of a Europop sound to them. Even the example tunes scream "2Unlimited" in a very loud voice. Perhaps a sample set from a respected DJ would help, but even without such talents, this is still a good way to lose many evenings. To coin a phrase used by a colleague when describing Worms 2, this is Dance eJay. And it's 2.