Focus – Job Interview Skills Second Edition review

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Job interviews are easy. A piece of Battenberg. Who needs help preparing for them? Everyone knows that all you’ve got to do is turn up and be yourself. And wear a nice suit. But not one that’s too showy. Also, remember to be confident. But not cocky. And relaxed. But not too casual. And keen. But don’t make the mistake of coming over sycophantic. And… well maybe it isn’t all that simple, and maybe an interview tutorial such as this one can help you snare that job of a lifetime.

The first task you’re faced with when starting up Job Interview Skills is to enter the details of the job you’re applying for (although you can skip this and move straight through to the interview practice if you haven’t yet lined up a potential position). The program then takes this information and produces a slew of useful documents, including application, interview acceptance letters and so forth.

It also provides a number of checklists, such as an inventory of items you might need on the day: travel tickets, some cash for possible emergencies, your portfolio, a notebook, pen, umbrella, and a spare pair of tights (presumably just in case you’re going for a job as a bank robber). The lists are detailed almost to the point of being anal, but we guess the message is you should try to prepare for any eventuality. We spotted one slight mistake in the template letters, but just the one and it was easily corrected.

The meat of the program, however, lies in the practice interviews. These are conducted using video footage of ten different interviewers asking a variety of random questions. The top 25 and top 100 interview questions are also covered, so you can see what sort of questions are most likely to crop up.

There are some pretty awkward ones, too: “What is the skill you’d most like to have that you don’t already possess?” Yuck… the skill to answer that question without making an arse of ourselves, would probably be our honest reply.

You can type your responses into a text box and save them for future reference, or record them via a microphone. No direct feedback is given on your reply, which isn’t surprising seeing as it would take a pretty sophisticated program to do so. However, a guideline “correct” response is given with the most important questions, along with some notes on what the interviewer is getting at. These are concise and helpful, although it’s disappointing they weren’t included for more than just a small selection of questions.

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Job Interview Skills doesn't always get the balance on details right, going into too much at times, and not quite enough on the question front (we'd have welcomed a few more template answers). Nonetheless, it's a solid interview tutorial that contains plenty of hints and tips on how to approach a difficult situation.