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Did you know that only 40 percent of people pass their car driving test? Another interesting statistic is that 100 percent of people who fail the first attempt certainly won’t fail to inform you that the best drivers are those who don’t pass first time.

At any rate, if you need help with your driving test, don’t call the A-Team, as the driving instructor will probably be less than impressed with the improvised roof-mounted machine-gun turret made out of a dustbin and a length of hosepipe that they’ll provide. Instead, you’re better off calling Focus Multimedia and ordering some Driving Test Success products.

The latest of which is this Driving Test Success Practical DVD, which deals with preparing you for the actual driving test, not the theory test. The idea is that you can run it on your PC, or pop it into your console or DVD player, and have a swotting-up session in the lounge, using your remote to navigate the simple menus.

After a swift intro, basic background information is available such as what materials you’ll need to get your provisional licence and details on legal issues like who can be your accompanying driver. There are some interesting snippets of info here, such as the top ten reasons for test failure; unsurprisingly, reversing figures highly, although observation at junctions is actually number one.

There’s also a primer section entitled “Know your Car”, which introduces car controls to the novice. This tackles the general layout of switches and lights you can expect, basics such as the pedals, the pull and push steering method, and details such as how to adjust your mirrors properly.

A “show-and-tell” section familiarises the user with what’s under the bonnet and how to properly check the oil, brake fluid and other important matters. There’s some good introductory material here, and all of these topics are documented by well-presented video clips.

The main body of the disc is contained within the lesson modules, which are divided into various categories. More groundwork is covered with a section on the basic routines such as mirror-signal-manoeuvre, and then specific categories deal with junctions and roundabouts. If you’re wondering about the correct way to handle crossroads, or turning into one-way streets, it’s all explained in short, one- or two-minute film clips.

A whole section is devoted to the various manoeuvres you’re expected to perform on the test, such as reverse parallel parking. All the instructions are clear and concise, with important information displayed in succinct bullet-points so it’s more memorable.

Driving Test Success Practical certainly makes for a useful brushing-up aid between lessons, and decent all-round test preparation. The only thing that may drive you to distraction – sorry – is the repetitive burst of elevator music that crops up as you navigate between menus.

Company: Focus Multimedia

Contact: 01889 570156

Focus has brought out a useful test aid here, with quality videos and compact, memorable mini-lessons on various driving techniques. The added versatility of being able to pop this into your DVD player to experience a revision session from the comfort of your armchair is also welcome.