Forza Motorsport 4 on Xbox 360 by Microsoft review

Motorsport classic now enhanced with Kinect compatibility
Photo of Forza Motorsport 4 on Xbox 360 by Microsoft

The BBC’s Top Gear series, as we all know, is about two great romances – the love affair between humans and automobiles, and the love affair between Jeremy Clarkson and, well, Jeremy Clarkson. It’s therefore not  surprising that Clarkson has allied himself with the racing game that above all symbolises that eternal fascination between man and machine.

Turn 10 Studios’ gripping Forza Motorsport 4 has combined a few new features and beefed-up graphics with some specific Top Gear-related elements. These include Clarkson’s uniquely ironic commentary (especially during the new ‘Autovista’ mode, where you can drool in gorgeous detail over every inch of your favourite super-car before taking it out for a spin), beating the skittles target on the Top Gear Test Track and playing car soccer with 15 of your mates online.

Over 500 racers
The beauty of Forza is that it’s immediately appealing to both newcomers who like more of an arcade race with braking and handling assist (it’s even Kinect-friendly, with an imaginary wheel, head tracking and voice control) and challenging enough for serious drivers who want all the assists off. Both cars and circuits look stunning and the two game disks contain over 500 racers with six add-on packs promised within the next year.

The gameplay has also seen noticeable improvements – World Tour mode now visits each of the locations for one event before moving to the next and you are allowed a choice of cars as you level up rather than being restricted to the default one. In addition, the multiplayer side sees the arrival of two new game modes – Rivals, in which single-player success can be monitored on online leaderboards and you can create Car Clubs where you build dream teams to challenge your rivals.

Essentially, Forza Motorsport 4 is everything you loved in version 3 with a batch of tasty extras that will ensure Forza remains on the prime podium slot for racing sims.

Company: Microsoft


  • Pure racing excitement.
  • Depends if you like Clarkson...


Turn 10 Studios have chosen wisely and kept all that fans of the series love in the original while installing new online modes, adding a Kinect connection for more casual players and binging the Top Gear 'loving camera' look to hundreds of gleaming metal beauties.